Challenge #4 – Get Cozy

Get Cozy

We are going to stick with the ‘stay warm’ theme we have going, and make coffee cozys. It’s a small challenge. But that will allow more creativity. Or, make more than one!
Knock em out. Gift em up. But definitely don’t throw them away.

Here are some options.
Eye Candy, really.

Let’s start by looking at Kat’s:
#129 - Ohio State Coffee Sleeve
#97 - T is for Tennessee
#90 - Coffee Sleeve for Loririce

Clearly Kat has designed these. How did she do that, you ask?
8 - Hot Geek Coffee Sleeve
Here is her tutorial/pattern.
Knit Coffee Cup Sleeve

Here are some others, for good measure:

Moms Smart

Geek Crafts

luvitinthemommyhood did a ROUND UP of clever knit sleeves

This challenge could really go in any direction, felt, quilting, sewing, glue, collage, or knit.
It goes without saying, this is a challenge that could involve glitter if you are so inclined.
Have fun. And enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverage while you’re at it!

***Hey guys I put a picture of a cardboard sleeve up on Flickr with the measurements if anyone needs it. – Kat

Post pictures of your completed project to the Flickr group on Wednesday, January 26th. Only in progress pictures may be posted before that date.

Please tag pictures with IC4 & if you have a blog post about your project leave the URL in the photos description. We’ll do a wrap up of the completed projects on the blog in the days following.

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16 Comments to Challenge #4 – Get Cozy
    • Seanna Lea
    • I make these all the time, so I am so going to try something a bit different with mine (though probably still knitting, because it is very portable)!

    • kat
    • Believe it or not I can't find the ones I made for Matt & I so now I have an excuse to make two more in a completely different method. I always hate using the cardboard ones, what a waste!

    • kat
    • Angie – I measured a cardboard one from our local coffee place & its 10 inches around at the top & 8.5 inches at the bottom. It's 2.75 inches tall. Hope that helps.

    • amy dame
    • i was planning on making these for everyone's stockings at christmas, but i ran out of time… yay, excuse to start on next year's gifts! (as i avoid finishing last year's late gifts! ha!)

      also, there are a few templates floating around if you google.

    • Anonymous
    • Does it have to be for a Styrofoam cup or can it be for a mug? I have been meaning to make some for my coffee drinking husband but he drinks from a mug at home.

    • undeadgoat
    • I haven't managed to participate yet, but I've been meaning to make one of these for like EVER (I drink way too many hot beverages out of paper cups, it's a consequence of being in college and always managing to lose the lids on my mugs) so yay! Will whip one of these up in like a SECOND.

    • Anonymous
    • First off, you're doing a great job, I know you're putting a lot of work into this and you're absolutely entitled to run this however you like and see fit. But if you're open to feedback, here are my two cents on the last challenges.

      I'm a bit disappointed by the narrowness of the challenges.

      Challenge 1 was beautifully open, all it basically said was "light" and you can run in so many directions with that, from making your own candles to light switch plate covers and beyond. Challenge 3 was still rather open, as there are so many different type of buntings and garlands out there, but challenge 2 and now 4 seem so narrow to me. What's the challenge if you say "make a door snake" or "do a cup cozy"? All the creativity I have to put into that is deciding on the material/design. All we're gonna see is a lot of cup cozies. There might still be some fun ones out there, but it doesn't really leave you with a lot of options if cup cozies aren't your thing. How is a paper, pottery or jewelry person supposed to work with "make a cup cozy"?

      I was hoping to get inspired by these weekly challenges to make new things with the materials I have, but right now it seems to turn into a "make the thing we picked this week" kinda thing. I'm not saying every challenge has to fit every crafter, but I'd like it to be more open to different mediums and types of crafters out there.

      "Get cozy" could mean so much more (from a hot chocolate recipe to ear muffs).

    • Crafty Moira
    • A pottery person could make a mug with an indented shape sized perfectly for a cozy. I'd love a cup like that! Or make a pottery cup cozy — why not?

      A paper person would make a scrap book page featuring a coffee cup or mug with a cozy on the theme of coziness in general. Or make a cozy out of paper — the starbucks ones are paper after all. Or draw a picture of a coffee cozy.

      A jewelry person could turn a coffee cozy into a bracelet or make a coffee cozy out of jewelry part (I'm thinking a chain linked cozy? Might not be "cozy" persay, I guess). A cup cozy might not make a great necklace, but maybe a cup cozy cut into pieces would. Wouldn't in be interesting if a necklace could some how function as a cup cozy? A bracelet can for sure.

      Carve a coffee cozy stamp. Make ear muffs that double as coffee cozy. Say screw the coffee cozy and make a mug rug instead. No one's gonna yell at ya!

      I say interpret the challenge however the heck you want, and probably that's what the people behind the site will say, too. Maybe sometimes the challenge is figuring out how to make the challenge work for you. Just relax and have fun with it.

      The organizers made it pretty clear that sometimes the challenges would be vague, other times very specific. If you hate a challenge, don't do it! Or put your own spin on it.

    • kat
    • Thank you Moira that is exactly how we are thinking. & we did say from of the challenges may be very specific right down to a certain pattern. It is all about how you put your spin on it, that is part of the challenge. If every challenge was just a vague theme or word well that is super easy for everyone to put their spin on isn't it.

      There are going to be 52 challenge throughout the year. There is no way every challenge is going to make everyone happy. Susi & I could drive ourselves crazy if we tried to do that. I

      We started this group just to challenge each other & decided to open it to other people thinking it would be fun. If you don't enjoy it don't do it.

    • Chinnu
    • I can quote myself as an example here. I did initially think it was a narrow challenge as i don't know knitting and sewing is limited to stitching up loose buttons. Am more of a paper person, but then i thought paper may not be 'Cozy'?? Also till now hadn't seen or heard of Coffee Cozies!!
      So had almost given up and told myself that i would start from the next challenge.
      But then one of the recycled projects i was doing….led me to an idea and i did eventually make a Cup Cozy!! Not a very impressive one though, but yes.. just to be part of the fun!! I enjoyed making it and am sure will make more of these!
      Looking forward for future challenges!!

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