Challenge #3 – Just Bunt

Last week Susi presented us with a very functional challenge so this week I thought we’d go completely for whimsy and ask you all to create a bunting or garland.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but decorative bunting & garlands are all the rage right now. I swear when I went to the Mall of America this weekend at least three of the stores were decorated with them. Plus they are for sale all over the web.

Photo from The Party Bunting Store
Photo from Red Direct

What I like about this challenge is that it is ripe with possibilities for different applications & materials

It works with paper, like this garland made from old books by Hey Lucy.
Or this stamped bunting.
Or this cardstock bunting by Painted FIsh Studios.

It can be tiny like this adorable greeting card.
Or this wonderful necklace on Etsy.

It can be crochet like this Grandma bunting.
Or knit like these clever garland by Susi.
Christmas Lights cupcake garland

Here is a clever use of a bunting applique on pillows.

It can be used as a headboard on a bed, a shelf decoration, a quilt design, a window treatment, a party decoration & on & on…. Can’t wait to see what direction all you Iron Crafters take this…

Post pictures of your completed project to the Flickr group on Wednesday, January 19th. Only in progress pictures may be posted before that date.

Please tag pictures with IC3 & if you have a blog post about your project leave the URL in the photos description. We’ll do a wrap up of the completed projects on the blog in the days following.

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9 Comments to Challenge #3 – Just Bunt
    • Manisha
    • I feel so in sync with Iron Craft. I was planning a bunting like thing for the baby's room and so now that it's a challenge, I will make the time to get it done!

      BTW, that was me deleting the comment up above. There was a typo that made the comment sound weird!

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