Challenge #2 Round-Up Part 1

Here we are in January, and the second week of the IRON CRAFT. Many of you are hip deep in the snow, and the rest of you are wet. But in record numbers, and with CRAZY creativity, you are crafting with the best of ’em.
I have to say – from one avid creative to another – I am literally blown away. The level of work that is being turned out for this is staggering.
When I posted this challenge, I didn’t want to turn off people that do not consider themselves sewers. I wanted to really embrace the diversity that we saw in the first challenge.
I can say, you all did more than ‘clear the bar’! If we were playing poker, all of you just said “Oh, I’ll see you, and I’ll raise you”.

Mushrom & Gnome Draft Dodger
Kat made a dodger for her window embellished with knit mushrooms & a gnome plushie.
Eastwood door
Susi made a double-sided door dodger out of some gorgeous floral fabric.

Here is the first set of the rest of the amazing projects:
(click on any picture to see it bigger & read more)

draft dodger2 DSCN1084
Double Sided Draft Stopper Caterpillar draft dodger
"Going Away" draft dodger IC2 Colts
IC2 Shells Candy Draft Dodger
DSC00229 Draft Dodger tie upcycle
Week2C 001
Iron Craft #2 Iron Craft Project 2 - Finished
army draft dodger DraftDodger1
Draft Snake 2 "Draft Dodgers" of a Different Sort
Iron Craft Challenge 2 Stay Warm Iron Craft Challenge 2 Stay Warm
Covers Kitchen garden draft snake
Draft Dodger/Neck Wrap smart jeans
draft blocker

Look for Round-Up Part 2 later in the week.

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2 Comments to Challenge #2 Round-Up Part 1
    • Sea
    • am waiting for a challenge I can take part in…..loved the light one, and the draught excluder one, unfortunately, my draughts come through the floorboards!

    • Lori
    • What a round up. I love all the amazing things people did. The one that really pops to me is that Tootsie Roll. Maybe I need some chocolate right now.

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