Week 12: New York State of Mind

I’m a couple of days late. I was at my Grandmother’s funeral and flying around the country with a toddler. Thanks for the sympathy and the well wishes. We are settled at my parents now. Some napping has resumed, and that is my ‘work room time’.

Week 12
We’re in a New York State of Mind

For this challenge we were supposed to create a look inspired by New York itself; something to wow the judges.

I choose Times Square. It is bright, and very alive. It is full of movement. Giuliani really cleaned it up, and made it accessible and friendly (and safe!)

Perhaps too literally, the dots are a direct reference to the lights on the billboards.

The dress is light, and flowing, and red the predominant color in the advertising.
I tried to get more bold with patterns.

Am I channeling Uli?

The back has one strap.
I like the way the gathers in the top create a line to draw the eye down.

My finishing has gotten better. I have listened to the Judges criticisms.

Micheal Kors is interested. He wants to see more.
“congratulations, you are going to compete for a spot in fashion week!”
Hands clasped to my mouth in delight!

Have you seen what Kat did? Guggenheim!
She just came running into the holding room! She is going to compete for a spot in fashion week too!
We hugged!
Good work Kat!

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