Week 11: Bust

Today, I find myself bitter, and dissapointed.

The Empress has ‘new clothes’, and no one has told her. Everyone is so busy kissing Heidi, that no one is brave enough to reminded her that she is a model, not a designer, or an editor, or a buyer. (And let’s give credit where credit is due, Editing, buying and designing are hard jobs. Otherwise, we would not be watching this show!)

Heidi’s figure is as normal as Barbie’s. Her family is as normal as Brangolina’s, and her salary is as normal as Oprah’s. What, pray tell, does she know about ready-to-wear (besides how to spell it.) Her clothes that she wears are awful. (fire your stylist!) And her clothes that she sells are cray-cray.

But what is more – last night was not about the designer’s point of view. It was about what they would come up with if they worked ‘in the house for _______” or “for the label of ________” . This was not a challenge – it was just an exercise.
If the designers were going to work in someone else’s shop (like Tim, who works for Liz Claiborne…)then they would work to stay within the constraints of the ‘line’ they were designing. And if the designers were working for themselves, then they would work to find symbiotic sponsors or partners, like L’Oreal, or Garnier, to help fund their vision. Even Christian, two season’s ago previous winner, has paired up with all kinds of unlikely companies (Payless for one). But okay, we are still seeing something that is HIM.

The judging, and critiques were inconsistent.
They told some people not to use other fabrics, and they didn’t steer Michael C away from them. Hence, Thanksgiving Hammer pants!
They said the looks were ‘sportswear’. What is that? Or “active wear” – uhm. What is THAT? I don’t think you can workout in suede ankle boots. And if that is how they are styled, then that is what the designer is ‘telling’ us?
I don’t think that Micheal, Nina, and Heidi were on the same page with what they were looking for. Chiffon inset into the sleeves won the challenge, and chiffon insets into the sleeves was sent home.

Thanksgiving montage was in the bottom three, but “halloween skull” hoodie was given top honors.

I am dreading the challenge.
There you have it. My opinion. I’ll need to go to “mood” for some gray stretch Lycra! Akkk.
Stay tuned.

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