#264 – Project Project Runway – Challenge 8

Challenge 8: A Rough Day on the Runway

Challenge: Create a look that is your own take on classic American sportswear using Jackie O as your inspiration. Think quality, taste, style, sophistication & expensive. Your look must include a piece of outerwear.

Feel free to show what accessories you would use from Piperlime.com

Time: You have 30 hours to create your project
Project Project Runway - Challenge 8
When I started thinking about this challenge I making a modern day sportswear look I realized that, in my head anyway, we were designing for our current fashionable first lady, Shelly O. Once I started thinking that way coming up with my design was pretty easy. The execution was another story.
Project Project Runway - Challenge 8
We had a little advantage over the designers on the show as we knew from the start that we had to do a piece of outerwear with our look. I decided to knit a sweater set as to me its classic American sportswear that I could modernize with the shape & its a look we’ve seen on Shelly O. I would modernize the sweater set by making the shell into a belted tunic with a large cowl. The outer sweater would be a longer length with slightly bell sleeves. So, I started knitting with some beautiful black wool with a shimmer to it. I carefully took Chloé’s measurements & knit with tiny sock needles. The problem was even with the tiny stitches when I sewed the top together there were bulky seams & the top was ill-fitting. It look like she had borrowed her boyfriends sweater instead of the sleek, chic look I was hoping for so, it was back to the sewing table (I had already used about 5 hours of my time at this point too). Luckily, I had some nice grey jersey on hand that I was able to turn into the design I had in my head.

The shell is a form-fitting tunic cinched with a red belt. I kept it sleeveless for a little sex appeal (& we know how Shelly O likes to show off her well toned arms.) For the outer sweater I used a ribbed version of the jersey to add some textural interest. It closes with a single oversized red button at the top. When closed it looks like the cowl of the shell is part of the coat. I was originally going to pair this look with a black pencil skirt but decided it was time I tackle pants. They weren’t as hard as I thought so, a pair of classic flat-front black trousers complete the look. I knew I was challenging myself with both sleeves & pants on the same challenge but I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.
Project Project Runway - Challenge 8
The final look is paired with a pair of red patent pumps & a tote bag with red accents.

Make sure go check out Susi’s look too. I’m wanting her top in a human size…

Handmade 365 2010- My goal is to spend time everyday working on something handmade for a year & photograph it.
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