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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personal minions to do your dirty work?! I kept telling Matt I wanted a bunch of the ones from “Despicable Me” & he told me I should make my own…so I did.
#195 - The minions are always mixing something up in the lab

(I should mention the minions don’t stand up on their own, they need a little help)
I realized the minions are the same shape as my Pocket-Sized Robot so it was easy to get the basic body down. The overalls required a little intarsia in the round (though you can do duplicate stitch if you wish). The trickiest part was really the goggles. I knew embroidering them on wouldn’t give them the 3D goggle effect. I thought about using wiggly eyes & just painting a little silver around the edges but I couldn’t find the right size. Then I thought of buttons. I found flat white buttons with a shank on the back that would work just right. Building up the back of the buttons with glue after attaching them gives them stability & more of the goggle shape. Its a little tricky but I like the result. If you come about with another option I’d love to see it.
Here are the skills needed to make your minion:
  • Knitting in the round
  • Intarsia in the round or duplicate stitch
  • Decreasing & Increasing
  • Basic embroidery & sewing
  • I-cord

Your Own Personal Minion

Download the pdf of  Your Own Personal Minion Pattern

I used Aran weight yarn to make my minion on size 5 needles. My gauge was about 5 stitches per inch. My minion is about 4 inches tall & 6 inches around. You can use any size yarn & needles you want just make sure you are getting a tight knit so the stuffing doesn’t show through. The bigger the yarn & needles the bigger the minion & vice versa.


  • Yarn of choice in yellow, denim blue & black (you need just the littlest bit of each)
  • Four double pointed needles of the appropriate size
  • tapestry needle
  • Two 3/4-inch flat white buttons with shanks (or buttons appropriate sized to your minion)
  • black & silver acrylic paint
  • thick tacky craft glue
  • poly-fil stuffing
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38 Comments to Free Pattern – Minion
    • Codi
    • I am so glad you posted your pattern, I've been dreaming about my own minions ever since I saw yours! Thank you!!

    • kat
    • Threads of Inspiration – You can totally do a post on it, just don't reprint the pattern link people to my site to come & get it. Thanks!

    • Threads of Inspiration
    • Kat, Thanks, I will definitely just put up the link, but also a photo of the cute little guy. I believe I will put it up today. It is so adorable! Sadly, I don't knit that well, but it is so great I must share it!

    • W. R. Fletcher
    • Thanks so much! My parents saw the pattern when I was looking at what other things you had (I maded the Grumpasaurus for my baby brother) and they both wanted me to make each of them one!

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    • Meme Smith
    • I just love Minions they rock. I’d like to make all sorts of them. Personally I’m not a knitter but I can, so I’ll make this cute fellow. I still have to get all the Despicable Me dvds as well.

    • elaine lovelock
    • Hi Kathy

      I would like to knit the minions as part of charity work for Cats Protection and Cavalier Rescue. This would mean selling them at our fairs with all funds going to the charities. Would this be ok with you?

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    • Kathy Kelly
    • I just found your link on AllFree Knitting and will try this as soon as I can. I was thinking that to help him stand up, maybe we could put a plastic cut circle in the bottom before we stuff. Would that work? Thanks for the pattern. Kathy

    • NameLaura Puckett
    • I love these. My daughter-in-law saw an idea for making minions of our Easter eggs this year and they were adorable. So are these. I can’t wait to try them. Maybe they will be in people’s stockings at Christmas. Thank you for sharing.

    • Susan
    • I’m knitting this now, great pattern, I crocheted the eyes and my granddaughter said it is better than a button or plastic eye

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