#211 – Chloé and Project Project Runway

Cholé Sitting
Meet Chloé who will be my muse for the next, I guess, thirteen weeks or so as I do Project Project Runway. Each week we’ll create an outfit for our model based on that week’s Project Runway challenge. The Challenges will be posted on Friday & the finished outfits on the following Wednesday. We’ll be allowing ourselves the same amount of time to work as the designers on the show are given. Right now it’s just Susi & I doing this but we’d love for you to grab a doll & be part of the fun. Join the Flickr group.

Challenge 1: Sew It Begins
Challenge: Create an outfit using an item of clothing that came with your doll. You can use other fabric in your outfit but that piece of clothing must be distinguishable in your final garment.
Feel free to show what accessories you would use from Piperlime
Time: You have 5 hours to make your outfit.
Post Date: Wednesday, August 4 (Workroom photos can be posted before that date)

Now it’s time to meet my model…
Chloé was discovered while shopping at a Target in Minnetonka, MN. She’s a midwestern girl with gorgeous Scandinavian looks who can stand on her own two feet.
Height: 10″
Measurements: 4 1/4″, 3 1/2″, 5″
Weight: 8oz
When asked what will make her a winning model on Project Project Runway she boosted about her flexibility, even her feet turn all the way around.

Handmade 365 2010- My goal is to spend time everyday working on something handmade for a year & photograph it.
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4 Comments to #211 – Chloé and Project Project Runway
    • shopgirl
    • AND, may I just add, you are at no advatage there with your starting outfit. (Michael would question the taste level of that outfit.) I hope we DON't see too much of your original outfit! Please. The German Bar Maid dress with the hoochie leg warmer stockings (?) What is going on there? The fact that she turns her feet backwards makes it all the more bizarre.

    • kat
    • & let me just add there is tulle under the skirt & the panties are sewn into it. The blue corset, oh yes, its vinyl!

    • Sea
    • Sounds like a fun project.
      I've no excuse to buy a doll, but it I see one I could live with….I tend to think they are a bit freaky in their proportions…I'll ask to join in. 🙂
      The only dolls that my daughter, Samantha, liked when she was younger were the Zapf baby dolls and a rag doll that I made for her. Don't know where any of those are.

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