#137 – My Sister’s Quilt Layout Continued

#137 - My Sister's Quilt Layout
Yesterday I showed you the grid I wrote up to lay out the quilt squares. Today I assigned each fabric a number & laid them out according to the grid. Once laid out I’ll move anything I’m not happy with, this one required very little moving. Then I call Matt in, have him give it a once over & move any squares that bother him. This one must have been good because he didn’t move one square.

Handmade 365 2010- My goal is to spend time everyday working on something handmade for a year & photograph it.
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    • Rose
    • I think this is one of the hardest things about quilting (the other is coordinating the fabrics) for me – I have only attempted one quilt and it was a color/layout disaster. I like your mathematical approach to assigning the squares!

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