#106 – A Total Waste of My Time

#106 - A total waste of my time

I spent most of the afternoon pinning & re-pinning my quilt sandwich trying to get the middle seam of the quilt top to match up with the seam in the backing. It seemed to be spot on but once I sewed it they were still off. I see these beautiful quilt backs & can’t figure out how they get them to line up correctly with the quilting from the top. Maybe they just do free motion quilting & don’t worry about things lining up.

I did have a success though. I spray basted my quilt & absolutely love the results. I thought the spray would be messy but I had no spray over in my basement at all. My quilting went so much faster afterwards, no stopping to remove safety pins & make sure things are lying straight. I actually managed to get about 3/4ths of it done in just two hours with now puckers, yeah!

Handmade 365 2010- My goal is to spend time everyday working on something handmade for a year & photograph it.

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2 Comments to #106 – A Total Waste of My Time
    • Karen
    • Gosh you certainly have caught the quilting bug. Great quilts. I read somewhere if your backing has a seam done the middle to line it up slightly off centre so you don't have as much bulk to sew through or to cut your backing into thirds. There is a great tutorial over at Red Pepper Quilts on the basting process. I personally use the spray as it does hold everything together well while you are quilting. Anyway just do what you feels right for you. Oh and you can always press open the seam in your backing to reduce bulk. Enjoy your quilting.

    • Lori
    • I was wondering about that spray basting. That is good to know that it was easy to work with.

      I run into this lining up problem whenever I sew. I always think things are going great and then when I look at the seam it is not lined up. Oh I get so frustrated.

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