12 – Why do the simplest projects…

…end up taking so long?
12 - Why do the simplest projects...
I had a simple project to get out of the way today, a set of Ikea curtains in our bedroom needed to be hemmed because they were too long. I marked off where to trim the first curtain, measured, cut & sewed. I hung it up & realized that I measured it from the first step & the curtain actually hit the landing so it need to be shorter. Measure, cut, sew. Then it’s on to curtain two. I measure how much I cut off curtain one then cut the same amount off curtain one. I pin up the hem & then hang it to make sure its the same length as the first. It’s too long. (I should have never trusted two Ikea curtains to be the same length.) So, measure, cut, sew and there goes my whole afternoon.
At least we won’t be stepping on curtains on the stairs anymore.

Handmade 365 2010- My goal is to spend time everyday working on something handmade for a year & photograph it.

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    • Psychgrad
    • Funny – I just hemmed my Ikea curtains too — decided it was time to upgrade from the iron on glue they provide. At first, after hanging them, I debated redoing them. But, now I'm resigned to just not look at the hem too often.

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