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A little recap of what’s currently happening in my world…

Cambridge Jacket Back
I’m almost done with the back of the Cambridge Jacket for Matt. It’s slow going since I’ve been spending more time embroidering lately. This green looks much better in person.

Hundreds of knots
I got a special order in my Etsy shop for two Cherry Blossom Pillows so I’ve been spending my days making hundreds of French knots. I have two other pillow in the works, one featuring a deer head & the other a gnome plus another one in my head for the May HandmadeMN Challenge (you can vote on the April challenge through the 15th) but they are all on hold until the special orders are done.


I’ve been a big fan of Project Runway since it started, watching what the designers come up with week to week is so interesting, especially if you do any sewing yourself. The show was recently moved to Lifetime & the the new season hasn’t start. After losing PR, Bravo has come back with The Fashion Show which has a very similar concept. I know a lot of people have been critical of it because its not PR but so far I’m enjoying it just as much. Though I do miss Tim Gunn.

Matt really enjoyed this book about trying to live on what you raise & grow or can at least source locally. I’m just starting it myself. We are trying harder to be more aware of where our food comes from & what is in season. This is our second year with getting a vegetable share from a CSA & we have started our own veggie garden as well. Now we will start sourcing meat.

Looking For
I have been a terrible nail biter my whole life. Right now my nails look pretty decent & I’d like to polish them to strengthen them a little. I’m having a hard time finding a polish that doesn’t peel off in the first shower after putting it on. Do you have a polish that you love?

#129 - Score
The Orla Kiely tablecloth I picked up at Target last week. It’s just so happy & I got the last one they had.
#128 - SpringLenten Rose
How spring just bursts through after a long Minnesota winter turning everything a brilliant green. My perennial garden is alive with the color from Bleeding Hearts, Primrose & Columbine. The cold weather vegetables like spinach, peas & lettuce are bright green & already tempting us with dreams of fresh salads

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8 Comments to The List
    • Silvia M.
    • For a nail polish that lasts I usually have to go for the expensive stuff. But I think it’s worth it, also you may want to try using a base coat, polish and then a top coat. Good luck. 🙂

    • Jenn@slim-shoppin
    • I have a nail polish that will work. It’s called “Nailtique” and you can buy it at Walgreen’s, CVS, or any drug store. Its near the Sally Hansen stuff. It is a clear coat nail polish that promotes nail growth and healthiness. It will not come off in a day.

      Here’s the link to it:

      Have a great weekend!

    • Anonymous
    • It is best to spend the extra money and get a salon polish like OPI or Essie. In my experience, the good polish grows out before it chips. I have never found drugstore polish that works as well.

    • Ammie
    • Hi there, what a coincidence! I'm also reading the book by Barbara Kingsolver! Half-way through now. By the way, I love your blog!

    • Pearly Queen
    • Don't use a polish – it dries out the nail – especially taking it off! Use a chamois leather buffer instead and the Lemon Balm cuticl1e cream from Burt's Bees – it's fab

    • Bethany
    • Actually, I've also been a nail biter nearly all of my life and the only thing that's worked for me has been Nail Magic. I know mine were really brittle and thin so I started using the Nail Magic and they INSTANTLY felt stronger! and the more you use it the less you're nails are likely to split. It's clear so you can use it as a base coat or for a natural look. The only thing I recommend is to use it BEFORE you trim your cuticles… when you put it on, it'll stiffen your cuticles so it's much easier to trim them, otherwise, if you trim first, it'll kinda dry them out. And look for a manicure pencil! they're, like, $2 i think? when you get out of the shower just run the pencil under the nail that's grown out and VOILA! you look like you've got a french manicure! It's the best and it's inexpensive and DIY!

      Hope it helps! 🙂

    • coleen~
    • My nail bed must be oily as polish never stays on for very long. Yet my nails are very brittle. UGH! I have found that Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in clear stays on really well for me. It is just too bad that they don't have any other colors that a 43yr old would wear…. (Essie did work somewhat, but Xtreme Wear is much better)

      I've tried all the brands mentioned, except Nail Magic, in the comments with little success. If you've found something that works for you, I'd like to know.

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