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A little recap of what’s currently happening in my world…

#62 - It's a sleeve!
Still working on the Garter Yoke Cardi. I’ve had to rip the sleeve out 3 times to get the decreases right since I making it fitted & full length unlike the pattern. The first sleeve is finally done so hopefully the second will go really fast.

Dala Horse
Working on a Dala horse for my mom to go with the heart I made her.
Hand appliqueing a squirrel on a new pillow for the store.


Nobody Said Not To Go – Biography of Emily Hahn. What an amazing story, first woman to get a degree in mining engineering in the 20’s, traveled the Congo alone, became an opium addict, lived in Japanese occupied Hong Kong, married a top English spy & wrote for the New Yorker into her 80’s.


Target & Champion for selling workout pants in lengths! I’m so tired of pants that shrink up to somewhere between my ankle & knee after one wash.

Eddie Bauer Curvy Fit Jeans – Not more gapping at the waist in order to fit the hips, the fit is amazing & they come in different lengths.

Mad Men Season 1 – Watched the first 3 episodes last night. Couldn’t stop laughing at all the things now considered completely unsafe.

Running in Heels – The new series on Style which follows three interns at Marie Claire magazine at the same time Nina Garcia starts at the new fashion editor.

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