Sewing & Knitting Along

The weather has been getting a little nicer so I’ve been spending more time outdoors in the yard & garden but I have been working on my projects.

I did a second cloth grocery bag & this time added the tabs to the bottom & made the bottom liner in two pieces so it can be folded into a about a 6″ x 6″ square.
Cloth Grocery Bag Folded Up
Its small enough to stick in my purse while I’m shopping. I can also leave the straps hanging out & hang it out of the way.
Tabs on bag when unfolded
When in use the tabs are at the bottom of the bag & not in the way. I also did more topstitching to the bag to better help it keep its grocery bag shape & square bottom. I’m just finishing a third bag & made the straps slightly longer. On this one they are 20″ total which just fits over my shoulder for the next one I made the straps 24″ for a little more leeway. Someone asked on my last post what the dimensions of the bag are, its approximately 12″ wide, 6″ deep & 15″ tall when finished.

I’ve also almost finished my Calvin Turtleneck.
Calvin Turtleneck
As I suspected I’ve had to make everything longer, 3 inches more to both the sleeves & the body (I’m only 5’9 this pattern is written really short!). Luckily I bought an extra skein when I bought the yarn. I wish I had knit the neck longer, its a little too short to fold over & too long to where not folded. I’m wondering how hard it will be to undo the cast on & add some length?

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4 Comments to Sewing & Knitting Along
    • Catherine
    • Ooh I love the bag and how it folds up! I have a bunch of reusable ones I got at the grocery store… maybe I could add tabs to those.

    • Mandy
    • I love that bag it is great! I have been wanting to make my own shopping bag for a while now just never seem to have the time. Your sweater looks great!

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