Mac guy socks

Boy, it seems like I’ve been so busy with my food blog lately with all my baking & cooking this one has been getting a bit ignored.
#44 - Love Potion Cupcake I made these cupcakes yesterday that I call Love Potion for Valentine’s Day.
I have been working away at Matt’s Mac guy socks (actually the techguy sock from Magknits but Matt prefers Mac guy) & they are finally done.
Mac guy socks
I had to rip the first sock out 3 times before I had the right size. I though my gauge was 9 stitches per inch on my swatch but one I started knitting in the round it was 8. I need to remember in the round I tend to be looser.
Mac guy socks Matt like a shorter sock so these are only 5 1/2 inches to the heel. I’m pretty proud of how nice the duplicate stitching turned out too. This photo shows the colors better too.
Mac guy sock up close

Tonight we go out for a fancy dinner at The Grand Cafe, we prefer that to exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts. This year I even made Matt’s card.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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6 Comments to Mac guy socks
    • Erica
    • Those cupcakes look great!

      The Tech Guy socks are in my queue to make for my dad for his birthday or Father’s Day (minus the Mac).

      Have fun tonight! Though we’re going out for sushi in San Mateo, I’m still making a nice dinner b/c I want to make it nice for our babysitter & the girls. Hey, I remember what it’s like to be single w/nothing in sight! ;-D

    • Ketutar
    • I come to read this entry, on my way to Easter Peeps, because “Mac guy socks” make me think of Mac Guy-ver… (Yes, I know it’s MacGyver… and?) and the first I see is a HUGE YUMMY LOOKING CUPCAKE. DROOOL!
      My cocoa is finished (too many brownies… and there’s too many brownies around my waist too, but – who cares :-D)

      But your socks are really nice 🙂
      (So is the cupcake.)

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