Of ants and cables

Sometimes I just get an idea in my head & I have to make it. Saturday morning I decided my new window display was going to need ants, knit ants. By Friday night I had this…
#217 - who invited the ants?I looked at some ant pictures online, pulled some Dale Baby Ull out of my stash & made these little guys up. I made the pattern up as I went along just judging by sight where I wanted decreases & increases.
Knit AntThe legs & antenna are made from black jewelery making wire. I used a dot of craft glue to keep the legs from moving around so the ants stand pretty stably.

Yesterday, I took a class at Noe Knit to learn how to cable. I know everyone says its so easy but I’ve always felt intimated by them. It took a bit but I think I’ve finally got it.
My first cablesI finished my left Fetching last night.
FetchingI started the second one but then realized I was supposed to change the direction of the cable for the right hand, shoot! Well I have two balls of the yarn, maybe that will be enough for two pair…Daria was eying them last night so I guess I’ll jsut finish this second left one & then start a right. This is what I get for not reading the pattern through!

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5 Comments to Of ants and cables
    • Diana
    • OK, you’re getting a little strange in your knitting lately, Kat!! The ants are realy great but what does one do or need with knitted ants?
      The fetchings are great. I do need to knit a pair of those!

    • Marisol
    • I LOVE these ants! I wish I could whip up a pair of these babies. I am currently involved in a swap where the theme is also picnic and wouldn’t be great if I could send my pal a couple of these:)

      Would you be interested in selling me a kit? Pattern and wire? I have the yarn:)

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