Airy Scarf

A while back I admired a scarf on Erica’s blog & sweet person that she is she sent me the leftover yarn, three balls of it! I knew it called for something springy & lacy so last night I cast on the Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
airy scarf
I think the gauge should actually be a little looser but I really like the way it looks like this & I added a couple extra stitched to get the width I wanted. I love how its all pink and white and girlee with touches of blue. Thanks Erica!

I got some sad new yesterday, the Gap is closing the Forth & Towne stores. You may have remember my raving about the store when it opened here last year & the wonderful selection of clothes for women in a wide range of sizes (2 -20). I’m talking about clothes for those of us who don’t want to show off most of our thighs or our stomachs. Since they’ve opened I’ve gotten a basic black skirt & a denim skirt both of which I’d been looking for forever, two dresser sweaters, a couple blouses, a favorite casual sweater & a fabulous coat. It was so nice to go somewhere see tons of things I liked & feel pretty confident they had my size. Here was a store that believed women over size 8 existed & liked to look nice (do you hear me Ambiance?!). I don’t know where I’ll shop now for nicer clothes. The Gap says it is going back to focusing on their core business. I wish someone thought my demographic was important enough to sell clothes to, don’t we control the household purse strings? sigh…ok. I’m done venting.

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4 Comments to Airy Scarf
    • Sandi Purl
    • you’ve inspired me. I have that book. I’m gonna give that scarf a go! I love that pink yarn. gorgeous. and sorry to hear about the store closing. too sad.

    • Vanessa/NessieNoodle
    • Perhaps they will have a most fabulous sale and you can get many goodies… I do agree, I often find myself looking as if I am trying to be 18 again or else 81. There has to be a line of clothing for funky, fun, yet professional woman… um, yeah!

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