trying felting again…

So, I decided to try felting again even though my last experience didn’t work so well (ok my own fault I didn’t knit from a pattern to didn’t make the piece long enough & i left it in the washer way too long). This time I am doing the Lopi Felted Tote from Hello Yarn.
I’m using Nashua Creative Focus Chunky because the gauge is the same, I love the color palette and Susi tells me it felts beautifully. Boy, was this project quick! I started it Wednesday evening & finished it last night, probably less that 4 hours. Here it is prefelting.
felted tote
Ok, it was cold & dark in my living room this morning when I took this picture, I do live near the water in San Francisco after all, so the photo isn’t as bright as I like but you get the idea. The very top is a couple of rows in chocolate brown. The ruler is 6 inches just to give some scale.

So, here’s a question for you felters out there…I’m also going to do some felted bowls as well as another tote, can I felt then in the same wash cycle? If I put them in separate pillow cases will that be ok? I have to pay to use the washing machine & would hate to have to do a bunch of different loads.

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6 Comments to trying felting again…
    • Heidi
    • Hi Kat, I LOVE your bag, it’s one that I’ve been thinking about knitting. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. As for felting various things at once, I’ve done a bag, knitted flowers, and a corked cord (done with a knitting spool before I knew how to make an I-cord) all at once and they came out fine. I guess the thing is to keep checking as some things might be done before others.

    • Erica
    • I don’t think you’ll have any problems felting them in the same load. If you’re really nervous, put each item in its own mesh bag.

      Love that Lopi tote; it was my very first felting project when I was a newbie. I made mine striped, a little taller than specified, and made the handle a few rows taller (mistake; should have trusted the pattern). My fave picture of it is from when my then-four-year-old put it on her head like a helmet (her eyes peeking perfectly out the handle hole).

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