Its actually felt like summer over this holiday weekend in San Francisco. It can be really cold & foggy but this year it’s been breaking by afternoon to warm & sunny. Daria & I spent Saturday shopping for dresses. I did find one that I think is beautiful & going to be perfect for the wedding & only needs the straps altered a little bit. I would say its the ONE but I still have 3 dresses coming from J Crew tomorrow to try on. They actually might end up being perfect as Daria’s bridesmaid’s dress, well the pink ones anyway.

Summertime Window
Sunday Matt & I stopped over at Noe Knit to put up their Summertime window.
Summertime Window detail
We did this one pretty simply with lots of summery things from the store like knit flip flops & bikini tops plus the cool new bags Susi picked up in New York. I also love the frame displaying the bags hanging at the back. We found a whole stack of these old frames on the side of the road with a free sign on them while we were in Russian River for my birthday. They had been a little flood damaged by the New Year’s flood but Susi cleaned them up & they look great in the store.

Then is was off for a bbq at my old apartment. My first time there as a guest not a resident so it felt a little weird but lots of fun. Matt whipped up some Moroccan Spice steak which we cut into strips & served in pitas with yogurt cucumber sauce. I’m so lucky to be marrying such a good cook! The sun was getting the best of Matt & I so we left to catch an early show of X-Men 3 which was just fun summer entertainment.

Finished Mabel Dress
I finished the Mabel Dress later that night. I am thrilled by how this came out & can’t wait to see it on. I would definately make this again. Its a little challenging because of how small the gauge is but the pattern itself (from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies) is pretty easy. I used Forissima Cotton that I had in my stash.

Yesterday Daria hosted a bbq in Oakland to watch the A’s fireworks. Since everyone seemed to be planning white trash food I decided to try tater tot kabobs. The concept was good…put tater tots on skewers toast them on tin foil on the grill, sprinkle with chili pepper & dip in easy cheese (oh yeah spray cheese!). The actually finished product didn’t work as well because they stuck to the tin foil & broke off the skewers… I’d spray a little pan before cooking them next time.

One day left to this long weekend & Matt & I are just going to enjoy it at home. I’m going to finally organize my stash that is such a mess since the move & work on my Clapotis (so close to my first drop row). Matt is going to try using his new smoker bags on some chicken. Tonigh it will be the San Francisco fireworks on the roof if fog allows.

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    • Susan
    • Oh, that window looks so nice! I love the bags up top in the middle and the striped sweater on the left. You did a nice job with it.

      Just wait until you hit that first Clapotis drop — you will find yourself knitting like crazy to get to the next one. It’s addictive.

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