I can stop anytime I want….

Its hard to convince Matt I don’t have a problem when the bed looks like this…
my stash
Yesterday was my stash organization day. Since the move yarn was just everywhere so I laid it all out & sorted it into colors. Then I put yarn that was for specific projects away in boxes labeled! The black Calmer meant for the cami from Last Minute Gifts & the cream Rowen Summer Tweed for the tunic from the Summer Tweed book all reintroduced themselves to me. The rest was sorted by color into baskets on my bedroom shelves. Current projects went into a basket under the coffee table or my knitting bag. Think it maybe getting time for a yarn swap. To those of you with houses this may not look like much but in a one bedroom apartment shared by two, its a lot.
Of course these works in progress reared their ugly heads…
A Kyoto sweater that needs sleeves & obi, a black sparkly merino cardigan that needs to just be ripped out completely, a grey sweater called China Doll from a magazine, my odessa hat which needs to be ripped back to the beginning of the decreases, blue armwarmers that just need about 2 inches on the last one and dolly who needs one more arm, two legs & some hair…
Well, I did finish the second red baby bootie this weekend to go with the kimono so that project is off the list & I finished all the increase rows on my Clapotis so some progress is being made!

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7 Comments to I can stop anytime I want….
    • trek
    • Number Guy just made a husband-ish comment in shock. I, on the other hand, think you are perfectly sane and have no problem.

    • Mandy
    • That is a lot of yarn! That is what my bedroom looks like you have to move yarn off the bed to sleep! LOL!! Happy knitting!

    • coco
    • Ok, missy…I thought I was bad!! Wow! Did you find any of that gray lambs pride that you didn’t want?? I need to get mine organized as well, but a small chair will be big enough!

    • Anonymous
    • oh, no, even for someone that has a house, this is a formidable stash! Good for YOU! Way to go!

    • Vanessa/NessieNoodle
    • Isn’t it crazy when you pull it all out of it’s hidnig spaces. That yarn is tricky stuff, easily stached and forgotten.

      Sounds like you have plenty to keep yourself busy!

      good stuff.

    • Leigh Ann
    • WOW! Great Stash Kit. I have to organize mine as well. Its all in the basement at least. Hubby wouldn’t like me if I had it on our bed. 🙁 Hmmmmmm maybe I should find him another bed to sleep in in the house. hehehe

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