the wedding window

I finally got the wedding window up at Noe Knit yesterday.
Noe Knit Wedding Window
It was super cute when i was carrying the cake to the store this little boy stopped me & asked if it was a real cake. The little silver frames are actually placecards I found at Joannes, I’m using them as little signs that say things like For The Bride or For The Bridesmaid. I still have to add the white openweave shrug I’ve been knitting & need to seam plus one last bag.
Noe Knit Wedding Window
Now I have to figure out what to change the other window to. Baby Shower would be pretty easy but would it be too cutesy to have a wedding & a baby shower window up at the same time?

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10 Comments to the wedding window
    • Michele
    • I love the glittery shrug you’ve got hanging in the window… Is it from a free pattern? Looks very light and airy!

      This whole display makes me want to renew my vows… pretty.

    • Martina
    • Just read the comments and little devilworks already suggested my idea. A beach scene. Bikinis, coverups and beach bags. And sun hats! It could be really fun! The wedding window turned out awesome! It must have been so fun to do. I love the white shrug!

    • kat
    • you know I have been planning a Summer window but was going to wait until July…maybe I’ll have to push it up. I have a ton of ideas but I need to knit for them!

      I’ll have to find out what pattern the shrug is. It was a sample the store had & I didn’t check the tag, silly me.

    • Lisa
    • another thought—how about a travel/honeymoon/vacation window? You could do beach stuff (hat, bikini) kntting themed books (to read on the plane or at the beach), easy, take along project ideas (socks, simple shawls) and you could put a few of these into one of those knitted mesh market bags. Use maps, or photo’s as a background and voi’ have a window.

    • kat
    • oh super idea…i just remembered i wanted to do a roman holiday window. maybe i can tie them in together…knit a little something from the sex and the knitty issue

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