Finished felted bag

Ok, here’s the finished bag. I think its just a little to short to really work as a bag (this is what i get for trying to make up stuff). I may just cut the long strap & resew it on short to just use as a bowl.
Back to other projects in progress. Working on a doll for one of my co-workers sweet little girl who like to come play with the toys in my office. I also found out that the new baby due this fall will be a nephew so I can buy the yarn to start a blanket I’m dreaming up…lots of pretty blues & greens. I also want to start a sweater for myself just need to decide what yarn to use…I have some calmer in black which might be good but am afraid i didn’t get enough.

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    • roseygirl
    • I so want to try felting, I did see a small project I could try to hold my knitting needles, and now that I finally have a washing machine I might just give it a go. You bag looks great!

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