Knitting ADD

Odessa in progress
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Ok, I think I have knitting ADD. I have the self-lined bag on the needles, a plan for a red handbag for which I’ve bought the yarn & handles & lovely new naturewool to do a felted bag with Janet. PLUS I need to do some reverse bloom flowers for the May store window…& what do I do? I join Vanessa’s Odessa Knit Along. I have the yarn…it’ll go quick…so I figure why not! Anyway here’s my progress so far. Click the Odessa button to see more about this Knit Along.

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7 Comments to Knitting ADD
    • Jen
    • ADD? Nah. Just multiple interests and no desire to wait!

      I have 12 WIPs. And I’ve heard of people who have more.

    • shopgirl
    • whooosh! That was the sound of me getting SUCKED in completely. What a great hat! The spirals on the top are wonderful! And ANYthing with a bead!

    • Becky
    • Your Odessa looks great! I don’t think I’ve ever seen your blog…so I went back and looked over a few things. Oh My! Your toys are soooo cute! The chocolate bunny is fab and I even went back far enough to see Kate frolicking at the bowling alley.

      You have a great blog!

    • Dipsy
    • Hi from Austria! Gosh, quite a lot of projects you have planned – looking forward to seeing progress pics of all of them! Odessa looks great already, such a beautiful, warm red color you chose!

    • Erin
    • your odessa looks sooooftt!!! I really like the color too — I keep seeing them in pastel-ish colors (not really my thing), but I love it in bright red! It really makes the pattern *pop*!
      thanks for commenting on my list — my Katrina evacuation story sounds scarier in retrospect because everyone knows what happened, but when I was actually evacuating I only expected to be away for 3-4 days at the most (and so I left half of my stuff in the city! luckily I took all my clothes with me…) so it wasn’t as scary at the time, just a little inconvenient because it just seemed like another routine evacuation (and it was a bit annoying because I’d just driven there the day before to move in for the semester)… I guess my 3-4 days turned into 4 months :-/ but I’m back now!

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