Think I’m turning Japanese….

I finished all the knitting on one of the baby kimonos I’m making on Friday. Now all that is left to do is the finishing and the frog I want to make for the closure. I have enough of the cashmerino left over to do booties to match.I also finished two pieces of knit sushi tonight while watching the Oscars (best dress…Jennifer Aniston in my opinion). The pattern was in last months Magknits. I’m using Tahki Cotton Classic because I like the shine it has. I did tweak the pattern a bit and added an extra round of white as I felt there wasn’t enough “rice.”
All of these items will end up in the Noe Knit window after St. Patrick’s Day when I do my Japanese themed display. Matt & I went to Japantown today & bought good luck cats, fans and other fun cheap things to round out the theme. We of course had to stop for some real sushi while we were there. It ends up Matt can do origami, a skill I didn’t know he had, so he started making cranes for me.

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    • Bethro
    • Thanks, Kathy!

      I saw your sushi on Monday, but was too busy gabbing to comment; they are awesome.

      By the way, my hubby is coming to the stitch n’ pitch. Please tell me other husbands/boyfriends are attending. I fear what he will say if he gets there and there are scads of knitters and nary a man in sight.

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