Kimonos & Top Chef

The red kimono went down for blocking today since I finished the seaming last night. The color looks odd because I really wet down the parts that needed the most work. The neckline can get a little bunched up with all the increases but a little blocking fixes that right up.

The pink kimono is also moving right along. I’ll finish one of the front sides during my marketing meeting this afternoon & most likely the other tonight. I haven’t decided if this one will get a frog closure or a ribbon tie like the pattern specifies.

Of course last night as I was busily knitting I was also watching Top Chef. I love Project Runway & since this is from the same people & its about food it had to be good. It takes place here in San Francisco which is kind of cool to watch & the house they are living in is two blocks from Matt’s, how weird is that?! Though did the second episode have to take place in a sex shop? Don’t people already have enough of an idea that we in San Francisco are a little odd…sigh. Anyway, is anyone else into this show? So far I’m most impressed by Stephen, he seems to really think about the challenges & then take them a step further than everyone else. Though I have to say this week his “I know I’m good” attitude was a little annoying.

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7 Comments to Kimonos & Top Chef
    • Annie!
    • The English Project Runway – Project Catwalk – is EXCELLENT. Even J. watches it with me and he normally hates reality TV. It just finished last night and he won our bet about who would win. 🙁

    • Andrea
    • Aw geez… am I not paying attention to my typing – or WHAT? Yes, I speak well, I just “don’t type so good” LOL


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