a chick chick here, a chick chick there

So, even though I have a bunch of other project pending I decided to make the three cutest boys in Minnesota (those would be my nephews) chick softies for Easter. It took a little trial and error to get the pattern to look like I want especially the feet but I’m pretty pleased with the final result. I really like the way the Red Heart Baby Teri worked on the second one. One more to go before Easter but since I’ve got these down to a couple of hours it shouldn’t be a problem…Tonight we start the bag knit along at Chicks with Sticks. I have three different ones I want to make but think I’ll start with the self lined one I mentioned below. Since this cold continues to keep me in I have a lot of time to knit lately.

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    • kat
    • Thanks. I actually need to write the pattern down. I’ve got to get better at that. When I do I’ll let you know.

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