yum-o sushi!

Have you seen the latest issue of Magknits.com yet. It features these super cute knit sushi. I’m totally going to make a bunch of these for the store window. They’d be so much fun with knit Kimono’s behind them like Kyoto from Knitty or some of the sweet baby kimono patterns I’ve seen from Debbie Bliss and Erika Knight. I have to wonder though what other use there is for knit sushi?

My second thought after seeing these was to crave sushi. Funny, I’m a midwestern girl from Michigan & Minnesota the idea of eating raw fish was never top on my list. Now that I’m in San Francisco though I’m really discovering it & enjoying it. Luckily Matt really likes it as well so we are currently trying to go to all the sushi places in his neighborhood (we think there are at least 10!) and rate them all. You can read about last night’s visit to Asa Sushi on his blog.

So here’s an odd knitting tidbit. I was contacted by a writer at the Chronicle this morning. Apparently, one of the San Francisco School Board members knits during the meetings including the public comments. Some of the parents are all up in arms claiming that if she knits she must not be paying attention to what they are saying and are planning a knit-in in protest. OK, my first reaction…don’t these people have anything else to worry about? My second reaction was many people concentrate better while knitting. I don’t know about you but I often hear about people who knit while they study & it helps them keep focus. I also just finished reading Two Sweaters For My Father by Perri Klass, many of the stories in it are about knitting during lectures at medical school and the controversy it caused (they would rather have the students dose off than knit!) Anyway I heard that the knit-in has now been cancelled because people have “lost the humor of it” but its still an interesting question. Do you find you can concentrate on other things while you are knitting?

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    • Vanessa/NessieNoodle
    • This is SO HYSTERICAL. I work for a school district. I have brought my knitting to board meetings. It is the perfect place I tell you. Have you EVER sat through a school district board meeting (or ANY board meeting for that matter)??? you need something to keep you going-
      And I too think it helps me concentrate. Of course, hubby would be on the side with the irrate parents. We jsut had a big discussion about me not paying attention to him when I knit. silly man! I can listen and move my hands all at once-duuuuh.
      PS mmm sushi, you can get all you can eat for $18 here in Reno- you are making me hungry

    • Susan
    • What to do with knitted sushi? Those little pieces would be wonderful cat toys — especially when stuffed with catnip!

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