This could be a new obsession

Ok, needle felting was so much fun. And so simple. We were all given a foam block, a special barbed felting needle and some roving.
Then you just start sticking the needle in & out of the roving & it starts to felt! You shape as you go along & it happens really fast. We made little white buttons. Then we took some color roving & added designs to the buttons.
After that is was anything goes. I felted some red roving inside a heart shaped cookie cutter & made this coaster sized felted heart.
You can attach ribbon to them to make hangers or use them as buttons. You can felt right on a sweater, a felted bag or even a pair of jeans. Susi made a felted cherry complete with a stem & leaf.
Oh the ideas are coming…can I felt designs on some fabric bags I want to make? make felted fruit for a window display? use it on toys? I went home last night and started a new toy while watching figure skating (Is it just me or does it seem like the minute they say someone is going to win gold they are jinxed i.e. Sasha & Irena?) . Its going to be a penguin and I couldn’t quite grasp doing intarsia in the round for the white stomach so instead I’m going to felt the stomach on the finished toy. I’m also thinking I’ll felt webbed feet. Love a new challenge….

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    • Cristina
    • hey sooo awesome…and looked like fun too! i hope you didnt stab yourself w/ the barbe needle like i did the first time..OUCH! hope your bring your finished project to cws this monday!

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