Name this penguin…

So, I continued to not feel well all weekend yet I was very productive while sitting around in sweats watching X-men movies being fed homemade soup by Matt. I finished the new penguin toy I had in my head.He’s knit from Reynold’s Signature and then I needle felted the stomach & feet. See that new skill is coming in handy already! The felted feet actually allow him to stand up his full 8 inches all by himself. He’s nameless though, any ideas?

I also managed to create all the houses & sun for the toy window backround. I’m doing a window at Noe Knit with all the toys the Chicks with Sticks made during our knit along. I want it to look sort of cartoonish. Here’s a sample of one of the houses…
I think the tinfoil windows give a nice sparkle & every house is a different shape & color. Tonight is show & tell for all the finished toys & I realized I have 7 that I’ve made & I still have bunch in my head. Guess I’m just a big kid

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    • Dani
    • Have you decided for sure he is a he? Because I have always called penguins Gwenapegs, and was thinking maybe SHE is a Gwen? (And im picturing a cute lil pink scarf around her neck LOL)

      Awesome job, whatever the gender =)

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