Back to the needles again…

Ok, I guess its time for a little knitting update. Since I had about 8 hours on planes with my Hawaii trip I figured it was a good time to start on a baby kimono. It’ll go in the window at Noe Knit with the knit sushi in March but the final recipient will be my friends Jan and Andrew’s new baby girl in June. It’s a simple garter stitch one piece pattern but using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino makes it feel so plush. It calls for a wrap ribbon tie but I may actually do an asian inspired frog closure using some ideas from Knitted Embellishments.

I got the body done on Bob Kat at Chicks with Sticks Monday night and I have both ears & arms knit & ready to sew on. Its a good think since our toy knit along ends next week. Don’t you think he’ll make a lovely boy friend for Glam Kat?

And in case I haven’t been busy enough since returning Sunday…I changed the Valentine’s Day window at Noe Knit to St. Patrick’s Day. You know I never realized how many great green knitting things there are, bags, needles, yarn, etc…

Finally, here’s your Hawaii Zen for the day….

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4 Comments to Back to the needles again…
    • Jenn
    • I just did this sweater, almost finished too! It’s going ot be adorable in the colour you doing it in. I am attempting the frog closures as well. I was thinking three down the sides. Are you going to make the closures in the same yarn as the sweater?

    • kat
    • Hey Jenn I’m planning on doing the frog in black..thought that would add to the whole asian look. I’m also doing one in pale pink. It’ll be all done this weekend!

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