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Here’s Erich’s finished robot. I love knitting with Creative Focus & the way it looks & feels but I have to say the next time I make something with it I will probably use another yarn to do the finishing. It seems to just pull apart & knot up when you are pulling tight for mattress stitching, etc. It took me a lot longer to sew the robot together than it probably should have. I’m pretty proud of it though & will not fear intarsia again.

I absolutely adore making toys now! I’m not sure what that says about me. I think its the quick satisfaction of getting a finished object in about a week. Also its the ability to play around with the patterns. I started a new Kate from Knitty last night as well. This time I decided to make a glam cat with black slacks and a pink top with fun fur trim. The cat herself (I call her glam kat) with be out of sparkly white Lion’s Brand Wool Ease. The clothes are made from Rowan All Season’ Cotton & the fun fur I had left over from something else. That’s the other thing, I can totally use up different yarns I have in my stash. I’m planning on making Glam Kat a boyfriend named Bob, he’ll be black with a variegated blue sweater, that’s the plan anyway. Then I’m going to do Bertie Bee (yeah I name them before they are made).

So, now that I’m doing intarsia I want to do more. I have an idea to do a penguin doll but that requires doing intarsia in the round. Has anyone ever done this? Is it even possible? I can’t quite figure out how that would work in my head…

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    • Vanessa/NessieNoodle
    • Kat! that came out really great.
      Doing intarsia in the round is pretty much the same as straight- although I don’t use DPNs, only circs to do my round work… same idea i would assume.just have to keep the yarns from tangling up. I did my FBM in the round and added stars, Ithink there are pictures on my flickr page (green and purple)

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