• 24 weeks 24 Christmas Ornaments to Make

  • Make your own Frozen Princess Dress

  • Crocheted Bowls

  • Are you crafty enough?

  • PPR Challenge #3 “Future Look”

    If I had to guess, I would believe there will be more performance fabric, and more “performance” clothing in 20 years. The “device” (clock/phone/walkie/player/music library) wi...
    Aug 14, 2014 1 Comment

  • PPR Challenge 3 – Kat’s Design

    This week we were to create a design for the pages of Marie Claire magazine in 2034. The look also had to have an inspiration from the past. This is a little bit of a toughie, I don’t believe in...
    Aug 14, 2014 5 Comments

  • Iron Craft ’14 Challenge #16 Round Up

    This challenge we asked the Iron Crafters to make their best Summer White project. NY Star Cards Just Crafty Enough – Kat Adventures of Lauren The L-T Experience Carolyn Kate’s Great...
    Aug 13, 2014 No Comments

  • Shark Week!

    It’s Shark Week, so of course you are all wearing Shark Hoodie Towels while glued to the TV, right?! No! Well, time to get sewing. Here’s our how-to.   If you are not reading this po...
    Aug 13, 2014 No Comments

  • Iron Craft ’14 Challenge #17 – Blue Ribbon Worthy

    The State Fair is a big deal here in Minnesota, the food, the animals and the competitions! It’s only a week away and that has me excited, so we are going to repeat a challenge we did a few year...
    Aug 13, 2014 No Comments

  • Iron Craft ’14 Challenge #16 – Etched and Dipped Vase

    The theme of this Iron Craft challenge was the color white. I could not think of anything I wanted to make that would be white. Then I noticed a walnut bowl dipped in white paint that I have in my liv...
    Aug 12, 2014 1 Comment

  • State Fair Hopes

    Yesterday was the first day to drop off entries for the Creative Activities competitions at the MN State Fair. I’ve never seen a line as long as it was this year. There seemed to be the same am...
    Aug 11, 2014 10 Comments

  • Advent Calendar Project ’14 – Week 8

    (For the 24 weeks leading up to December 1st, we’ll be making a Christmas ornament, giving you enough to fill an advent calendar.) This week let’s make an ornament with bling, lots of bling. ...
    Aug 08, 2014 2 Comments

  • Project Project Runway Challenge #3 – Past, Present and Future

    Welcome to season 13 of Project Runway and a new season of Project Project Runway! If you want to join in the fun this season get all the details here. Let’s jump right in… Challenge - P...
    Aug 08, 2014 1 Comment

  • Project Project Runway – Challenge #2 Runway

    This week was the unconventional materials challenge. The designers were asked to create a look using unconventional materials found at a movie theater or set. It was a tricky one. Let’s start t...
    Aug 07, 2014 No Comments