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  • Project: Button Tacks

    Given that I have some new cork boards in my life, I needed some thumb tacks! I made some with vintage buttons and I want to share them with you. Button Tacks Supplies thumb tacks buttons (hopefully... Sep 30, 2014 - No Comments

  • Collections: Vintage Video Cameras

    I live with a collector. He is interesting, fun to hang around and has an amazing sense of personal style. He has a LOT of collections. I want to share some of them with you. Today, I will show you th... Sep 29, 2014 - No Comments

  • PPR Challenge #9 House Of Cornish

    This week we teamed up with American Girl and the challenge was to make an updated girl’s outfit. (I will tell you, I am hip-deep in doll clothing at work and at home, but I did not make it to t... Sep 25, 2014 - 2 Comments

  • Iron Craft Challenge #14 UFO: Cushion Update

    The Iron Craft challenge that was posed to us was UFO. Go forth and FINISH SOMETHING! What a great challenge! Apparently, I could do this every week, all year! There is something very gratifying about... Sep 24, 2014 - No Comments

  • Makery, Los Altos

    A friend of mine suggested a field trip to the Makery in Los Altos, CA, It is the marriage of a high-end craft shop and a high-end fabric store with project areas thrown in to boot. There are finish... Sep 22, 2014 - No Comments

  • PPR Challeng #8 Rainway: House of Cornish

    This was one of the most clever challenges I have watched in a long time. We needed to make an avant garde look that would also hold up in the RAIN! Let’s start the show. This dress, you will s... Sep 18, 2014 - No Comments

  • PPR Challege #7 BIG Jewels – House of Cornish

    This week we were given the task of creating an event worthy look to pair with high, high end jewelry. I bring you my vision: I sound like a crazy diluted contestant, but really, I could not be more ... Sep 11, 2014 - 2 Comments

  • IC Challenge: “Life-Changing Crackers”

    For this Iron Craft challenge we are making something with the letter C…. In our house, I have been changing the way we eat. And as part of that change I have tried to find and serve less “... Sep 10, 2014 - No Comments

  • Tinkerbell on the Runway

    I have never forced my daughter to do crafts. I offer supplies that are age appropriate and just let her do what she wants. So imagine my surprise and delight when she marched directly up to me and sa... Sep 08, 2014 - 4 Comments

  • PPR Unconventional Wedding Dress – House of Cornish

    We were supposed to make an unconventional wedding dress, with the burlesque dancer for inspiration. I will just stand on the runway and defend the concept of this dress. It is meant for a beach side... Sep 04, 2014 - 3 Comments