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  • Three Seam Pillowcase

    Pillowcases are easy, festive, cheerful, and great for all ages to sew (and give.) There are 101 tutorials out there, but I found this one that is super FUN and produces amazing results. I did a road ... Nov 25, 2014 - No Comments

  • Iron Craft ’14 Challenge #23 – Giant Hoodie Makeover

    I have a job at a school now and I could not be happier. I was offered a hoodie top and gladly accepted. I have a fondness my new sweatshirt that makes forgive its huge boxy shape. To a point. It is a... Nov 18, 2014 - No Comments

  • Project: Travel Activity Bag

    Some friends of mine were heading out on their Foreign Service assignment across the globe. They were flying to Hanoi with two kids under four. Here they are, all locked down and ready to roll. Daunt... Nov 13, 2014 - 8 Comments

  • Project: Wool Felt Ball Necklace

    I fell madly in love with this package of wool balls. Who wouldn’t? Aren’t they delicious? I started sorting them into color families and thinking about stuff to do with them. First up, ... Nov 06, 2014 - 3 Comments

  • Project: Halloween Boots

    In the Halloween mix, my brother learned that they dress up at his new company. In fact, they dress up in by department, and have a contest! His department had narrowed it down to a Pirate Theme and h... Oct 30, 2014 - No Comments

  • Butterfly Dress Complete

    A little way back I started a dress for my daughter, and now that I have finished it, I wanted to share it with you. The dress began when we were following Project Runway and they did looks for girls ... Oct 28, 2014 - 1 Comment

  • Project Project Runway Season 13 Finale – House of Cornish

    Here we are at the finale! But first, lets start with a review of the looks that got me to Fashion week this season. The danger for me here was to go the route of Sean.  He “over-fringed”... Oct 23, 2014 - 2 Comments

  • Project: Kristoff Costume

    Everyone is on board the Elsa bandwagon, but it has taken a little time for the boy’s characters to have their day “in the sun”.  We are headed to an ice skating- Halloween-Frozen P... Oct 22, 2014 - No Comments

  • PPR Challenge #12: House of Cornish

    This week’s challenge was the car/camera/roof top/ street inspired look, and remake another look. That undecided mish-mash seemed just crazy-pants to me. But they still do not have me on retaine... Oct 16, 2014 - 1 Comment

  • Project: Foil Friends

    Here is a great project that you will BOTH enjoy doing. I offer Foil Friends. Supplies: sheets of tin foil marker (such as Sharpie, to make the lines) scissors Tear off a sheet of foil. You donR... Oct 15, 2014 - No Comments